Scope of application
• For powdery solids eg plastic powder
• Gaseous substances such as steam and smoke
• In steam extraction
• In cold and hot air transfers
• It has high heat resistance.
• It is very light.
• It has high stretching and compressibility properties.
• It is resistant to abrasion.
• Resistant to mineral oils and gasoline.
• Resistant to acids and alkalis.
• Resistant to chemicals.
• The bending radius is low.
• It is resistant to bending.
• It is light.
• When grounding, there is no electrostatic charge in friction with the ground, so it can be used in various applications except flammable materials.

Wire Made of Spring Steel; Rolled Strip Wall thickness approx. 0.4 mm Material
• Coating: Thermoplastic rubber (TPE-TPV-TPU)
• Spiral: Steel Wire Temperature Resistance
• -40 C +125 C • Short term +150 C Delivery Variables
• Black (standard)
• Special colors
• Customer specific branding
• Packing method 10 Mt. in sizes

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