Our company has extensive experience in Ore Enrichment with its Expert Staff, from the preparation of the Project and Facility Flow Chart, to the establishment and operation of the facility, to the acquisition of the final product.


  1. Enrichment by flotation
2. Gravimetric enrichment methods
By utilizing the difference in specific gravity, minerals are enriched in a fluid medium.
2.1. Enrichment with rocking table (wilfley or deister tables)
2.2. Enrichment with jig
2.3. Humphrey spiral, classifiers
2.4. Enrichment with MGS
2.5. Enrichment with heavy-media separation et 

3. Enrichment with Magnetic Separation (dry and wet magnetic separators)

Magnetic Separator

4. Enrichment by Electrostatic Separation

5. Chemical Enrichment – Leaching Methods

Enrichment facility blog diagram

Chromium enrichment plant flow chart

Gold plant

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