With the awareness that the most important investment should be made in people and in the human mind, we continue to invest in the Research & Development unit of each organization we house.

Design & Construction Contracting

Our Engineers and Expert Teams have gained the pride they deserve by putting all their know-how in World Quality Standards and working faithfully to the specification conditions.

After Sales Service

Ayyıldız Group of Companies always continues to provide after-sales quality, maintenance and satisfaction services. In our eyes, the satisfaction of our Business Partners is the highest gain.

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As Ayyıldız Group of Companies, we operate in Silicone-RubberHoses and Plastic Injection Extrusion, Construction, Mining, Hydraulics, Food, Foreign Trade and Hosting Industries.

We are constantly renewing ourselves, and at the same time, we continue our R&D studies without interruption. We aim to progress by making our investments in people and human thought.

News From Our Institution

Ayyıldız Group renews itself within the framework of developments in the world in the fields of R&D, Design, Production, Marketing and Service by holding periodic meetings in the companies within its body.

Hosting services are known as hosting the contents of a web page or application on the internet on specially configured servers that can be accessed by internet users. In 2020, as Ayyıldız Hosting, we continue our investments to ensure that our visitors can access websites at jet speed by providing up to 10 times extra performance with multiple internet backbones and SSD Hosting, and we are working to bring all technological developments to our users.

Ayyıldız Foreign Trade is a Foreign Trade Management and Marketing department structured within the Group. The main purpose of structuring the department is to market the activities of the Group Companies abroad and to contribute to foreign exchange inflow. It carries out its work in our Headquarters with its team, which has foreign trade regulations, has high export experience, and acts with an integrated approach to the world.

As Ayyıldız Turkuaz Gıda, we continue to increase our diversity with our olive oils produced from Truffles Mushrooms. With the rightful pride of breaking new ground in the sector, efforts for product export continue within the body of Ayyıldız Foreign Trade.

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