Ayyıldız Rubber started its trade and production life by purchasing Nurlas A.Ş Hose Factory in 1993, discontinued producing radiator hoses for Passenger and Light Motor Vehicles, and in order to close the gap in the country, started producing Radiator Hoses for Heavy Vehicles, Trucks, Trucks, Bus Tanks, Military Jeeps and  alongwith Intercooler, Vabesto and Turbo-Charging Hoses for Work Machines at World Standards…


Ayyıldız Hydraulics provides service to the sector with its wide machine parkour such as  CNC Lathes, Rovelvers, Planers, Milling Machines, Hydraulic Hose Crimping Presses, Steel Pipe Bending Machines in its production facilities in Istanbul 4.Levent. Included in our production range, there are also Union, Socket, Hydraulic Head, Stainless Kromflex Exhaust Hose and various shaped Steel Pipes.


Mining is a branch of business that requires expertise and experience. Ayyıldız Mining, with its Expert Teams, operates in many fields such as Project and Facility, Mineral Exploration, Drilling, final product production and use of explosives. It benefits from the mines it currently operates in line with the interests of the country.


Turquoise Food, which always prioritises human health, becomes solution partners to meet the needs of the service industry such as Hotel, Cafe&Bistro and Restaurant. Our product range is changing and developing in line with the evolving needs. Our expert team is equipped for businesses of all sizes. In addition to our existing product range, we continue to serve with custom-made products.



With its expert team, we have accomplished countless projects throughout Turkey, succeeded in being the first in Turkey in most of the projects, and contributed to the infrastructure works of our beautiful country. We are one of the Partners of many ongoing projects and continues to realize its commitments above World Standards.


The main purpose of structuring the department is to market the activities of group companies abroad and to contribute to foreign exchange inflow. It carries out its activities from our head office with its team, which has foreign trade regulations, has high export experience, and acts with an integrated approach to the world.


As Ayyıldız Hosting, we continue our investments rapidly to ensure that our visitors can access websites at jet speeds by providing up to 10 times extra performance with multiple internet backbones and SSD Hosting, and we are working to bring all technological developments to our users.

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