Ayyıldız Group manufactures all Radiator Hoses, Oil Suction Hoses and Sipral Air Suction Hoses for all Construction Machinery including OEM, with wire reinforcement.

SANKO-MST Construction Machinery Turbo Hose.

SANKO-MST Tier 4 Hose Expansion Tank Hose Construction Equipment Radiator Hose.

SANKO-MST Construction Machinery Intercooler Hose.

Kawasaki Radiator Upper Hose (43110-26170)

ENKA-Hitachi ZX650 Radiator Upper Hose (3106385)

Volvo 240 Radiator Upper Hose

SANKO-MST Turbo Outlet Hose

Kawasaki 85.Z-4 Radiator Upper Hose (43110-20170)

Hyundai 210 Radiator Upper Hose

TEMSA-Komatsu Wire Oil Suction Hose D60mmxL250mm

TEMSA-Komatsu WA 320 Lower Radiator

TEMSA-Komatsu WA 320 Upper Radiator

TEMSA-Komatsu Wire Oil Suction Hose D60mmxL 250mm

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