Our company, which has a constantly developing system with its production and investments, was founded in 2004 in Çankırı Province, Eldivan District, together with its Factory Building and Social Facilities, in a total area of 30,572 m2, of which 2,800 m2 is closed, 27,772 m2 is open, and the first in the world. Established the second Thermoplastic Air Transfer Hose manufacturing Factory after England.

Production Tools and Equipments used in our factory, which has 1,000,000 mt/year Thermoplastic production capacity, have been produced by our company with R&D studies and no Patent, Know-How or Royality has been used.

In addition, the products produced by our company for the Defense Industry in accordance with NATO Stanag-1411 Standards have been entitled to receive the NATO Stock number with the T-5658 Code

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