Ayyıldız Madencilik is the only structure directly related to natural resources among the Group Companies. Mining is a branch of business that requires expertise, experience and experience.

Ayyıldız Madencilik operates in many fields such as Project and Facility, Mineral Exploration, Drilling, and final product production with its Expert Teams. It obtains gains from the mines it currently operates in line with the interests of the country. 

Our company has been operating in the mining industry for over 50 years. Mining activities are carried out by the expert personnel of our company. Our company finances some chrome mines in the country, and abroad, it has subsidiaries in the Copper, Lead, Zinc and Gold Fields in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan.




Our company finances some Chromium Mines in the Domestic, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan etc. abroad. It has subsidiaries in countries in Copper, Lead, Zinc, Gold and Manganese fields. Mine production in our mine sites is carried out by underground and open pit method.
Our company has extensive experience in Ore Enrichment with its Expert Staff, from the preparation of the Project and Facility Flow Chart, to the establishment and operation of the facility, to the acquisition of the final product.
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